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Time Trial Bike

bicycle against the clock

The races against the clock are a form of road cycling, with the difference that the route runs separately from the other participants. They can be individual or by teams, and they are one of the most popular races in the world.

If you are looking for a bike for the time trial, in Cycling Offers we have several models with the best value for money.

The best time trial bikes

The bikes against the clock have particular characteristics. Therefore, you should advise you very well when buying them. On our website you can not only see the models we have available, you can also see an accurate description of the product so you can compare with others in the catalog.

We have the most recognized brands and the most competitive prices, whether you start or you are already an expert and look for a high-end bike.

Characteristics of a bike for time trial

Many beginners or non-connoisseurs of cycling think that all bicycles are the same or serve for all modalities. The reality is that this bicycle does not exist yet, but while they are inventing it, we must understand what the differences between them are so that when they buy, they fit into what we want to achieve.

The time trial bikes have a more robust frame and, unlike other types of bicycles, may not favor the most comfortable position. However, remember that these types of bicycles are designed for speed. And generally, when you gain speed, you lose comfort.

In triathlon bikes, for example, the angle of the seat tube favors a forward inclined position that prevents excessive legwork. While a time trial bike the cyclist's performance depends on them.

To achieve this, the nose of the chair should be 5 cm from the center of the bike stand. This not only gives prominence to the work of the lower extremities, but also is part of the regulations of the International Cycling Union for this type of careers.

The ICU also states that bicycles against the clock should not have resting pads for the elbows or forearms. In addition, no part of the handle can extend from the vertical line of the front wheel axle.

The measurements of a bike for the time trial are also different. If it is for competitive use, it can not measure more than 50 cm wide and 185 cm long.

Extensive catalog of time trial bikes

In Cycling Offers you can consult our catalog. There we have cheap bicycles for you to explore the world of cycling, mid-range models if you already decided to make cycling your way of life and high-end time trial bikes for expert athletes.

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