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Triathlon bike

triathlon bicycle

When you start in the world of triathlons, a road bike is the best option. They are much easier to drive, cheaper and allow you to participate in a wider range of skills. But its geometry and characteristics are very different from a triathlon bike. In cycling offers we explain what they are and we give you our recommendations to choose the best bike.

The best bike offers for triathlon

In our online bike shop you can choose from a wide variety of cheap triathlon bikes and all ranges. You just have to review our catalog and see what we have available, and then you can make your purchase in a few clicks.

The best thing is that you can find detailed information about each model, so you can know its specific characteristics and of course, its price. So you can compare between models and choose the one that best suits your objectives.

Differences between triathlon and road bike

To begin, both bikes differ in their geometry. On triathlon bikes the angle of the seat tube is 78 degrees (or higher) and instead of the traditional handlebar they have aerodrome bars or aerodynamic handlebars.

This angle allows the hip to work in the same way as if it were on a road bike increasing aerodynamics. There are bicycles for triathlon with angles much more pronounced that can help improve the performance of the race. But in the end everything will depend on the type of angle you feel most comfortable with.

On triathlon bikes the saddle is a bit further ahead with respect to the BB axis. This is an advantage for the hamstrings, which rest a little more while the work goes to the quadriceps and the posture becomes a little more relaxed.

The frames are also different. In road bikes, its design is designed to achieve better maneuverability, while in triathlon bikes the objective is aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance.

The profile is also different. In the race bikes the profile is usually low, while in the triathlon it is high. With regard to the gear, it is larger in triathlon bikes than in road bikes, which is the most forceful in every ride, especially in flat terrain where it is customary to ride in triathlons.

In short, if your interest is to start seriously in the world of triathlons, the ideal is to invest directly in a bike for triathlon. It will be a good investment and you will avoid the expense of a bike change.

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