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Cycle tourism bicycles

Cycle tourism bicycles

If your thing is to know the world uploaded to a bike or want to experience this exciting lifestyle, you must have the best bike possible to achieve it. And this does not mean that it has to be the most expensive, but the most appropriate for you and the trip you are going to make. In Cycling Offers we tell you everything you need to know to make the best choice.

The best cycling bicycles

When buying a bike we want a variety of models, brands and prices to choose the one that best suits us. That's what you'll find in our online bike store, where we offer you a wide catalog so you can choose the best bike touring bike for you.

New bikes, almost new, cheap, high-end ... What you need we have and in some cases with special discounts.

Also, if you start in the world of bicycle touring we have all the accessories you need to equip your bike. This way you guarantee a comfortable and safe trip.

Differences between bicycle for bicycle touring and road bicycle

In the first place, it is good to clarify that although you can travel with any bicycle, those of bicycle touring are specially designed for long journeys. Experienced travelers can take their life-long bike and make the necessary modifications to fit their needs, but if you do not have much knowledge it is best to find an appropriate bike for your trip.

Although they look similar, the geometry of a bicycle for bicycle touring and a road bicycle are different. A cycle tour has a tube inclination of 71 degrees, while on the road the inclination is between the 73 and the 74 degrees.

The bicycle touring bikes allow a more upright position, favoring a more relaxed pedaling, which is very important if we are going to roll many kilometers a day. Those of road favor the inclined position.

The distance between the axes is also different. In bicycles for bicycle touring the distance is longer, while in road bicycles it is shorter. This is an essential aspect to keep in mind, especially if we carry weight on our bike as it will help us maintain stability.

A bike for bicycle touring has several attachment points for the front and rear racks, as well as the amphoras holders.

With respect to the wheels, for obvious reasons, bicycle touring must be more resistant. The most common are 700mm and 26. "

In the end, the choice of your ideal cycling bike should respond to your needs regarding weight, size, length of travel, weight of luggage and your economic availability to choose a durable model. On our website you can explore all the options we have available to you.

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