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Foods to prevent bicycle cramps

6 June, 2019
How to prevent cramps?

To prevent Cramps It can be really easy if you keep some nutritional advice, the cramps all cyclists have experienced at some point on two wheels.

But, why do we experience cramps and how can we better combat, or better yet, prevent completely?

Read on as we look more closely and reveal the four types of foods that should be included in the diet of each cyclist.

What do cramps represent?

The Cramps shows sudden spasms that usually last a few painful seconds during which the affected muscle remains tense and insensitive.

The receptors inside the muscles and tendons constantly monitor the movement of your body, sending reflexive signals that really bypass your brain, to protect your muscles from potential harm.

A reflex encourages muscle contraction (to avoid excessive stretching) while the other promotes relaxation (to control tension).

If these normally balanced reflexes are interrupted, the contraction signal can overwhelm the relaxation, the result is a cramp.

What cause the cramps?

Dehydration is the most commonly cited cause, but this is not strictly accurate.

While the intake of liquids on the bicycle is of vital importance for many reasons, including as a means of assume electrolytes vitals they do help prevent cramps, the main cause is neuromuscular fatigue.

The repetitive use of muscles or muscle groups during the exercise causes fatigue, which interrupts the neuromuscular pathways normally efficient that control our muscular movement.

The point at which this begins to occur depends on your level of fitness, glycogen and energy reserves, as well as external factors such as altitude, temperature and humidity.

Hydration is important, since electrolytes such as sodium and potassium play a key role in facilitating communication between nerves and muscles.

What is the importance of hydrating?

If you are not hydrated enough, you will tire more quickly, and that means neuromuscular fatigue. So be sure to drink between one and two doses per hour, depending on the heat and your effort.

One bottle should contain water, the other is a drink rich in electrolytes, it also helps to stretch properly both before and during the trip.

Esto will warm up your muscles and increase their range of motion, helping them to work more efficiently.

cramping prevention
Training outside the bicycle to develop the strength and flexibility of the core can also help.

While getting a proper fit of the bicycle will ensure that your muscles work in their optimum range and that you are in the most comfortable driving position you can afford.

What types of food should I consume?

There four types of food that should concentrate as a cyclist, nutrition is the biggest ally in the war against cramps. Providing the muscles with enough nutrition allows you to work better, faster and for much longer.

Foods rich in potassium: Many people do not consume enough potassium in their diet and if you find cramps when you ride, this may be the cause.

Potassium is essential, along with sodium, to regulate electrical signals that can cause your muscles to contract.

Foods rich in calcium: Low levels of calcium in your body can also cause muscle cramps.

As cycling is a non-impact endurance exercise that makes you sweat a lot, you will also need to get a lot of this particular mineral. In its cyclist diet to help maintain healthy bone density, especially as you get older

Foods rich in carbohydrates: Because road cycling is a sport of endurance, the depletion of your body's glycogen (your energy reserves) is an inevitable consequence.

And since glycogen is stored mainly in muscles, it is estimated that the lower these levels are, the more likely you are to suffer cramps.

En conclusion

Most cyclists have been there at some point: it's a difficult journey: long, mountainous, fast, hot, or all four. Keeps the pressure on the pedals to a steady pace and then a spasm, like an electric shock, goes through the calf, the hamstring or the yard.

The Cramps Muscles are common, although they affect individuals to varying degrees and there are several theories about the cause.

The truth is that even the greatest of the brains of science has not discovered it, but certainly there are some themes and trends that, anecdotally, seem to stand firm.

But in reality it is a very complicated subject with many different causes and still nobody can specify it completely. but there are practical things that you can prove that often work for people