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Do you already know the new Syntax MIPS Helmet?

15 May 2019

El Giro Syntax helmet It is part of the line of lower-priced road helmets from Giro, its appearance seems to be much more expensive than it actually is.

In the not so distant past, a cheaper helmet looked like a simple cheap helmet, consequently the majority of the straps are more difficult to adjust and the retention systems they were inferior; besides, its ventilation was noticeably smaller, in conclusion they were really bad.

On the other hand Giro Syntax MIPS helmet is far from being a simple cheap helmet, it has a polycarbonate shell adhered to an EPS foam lining, next to 25 large ventilation holes and a patented ROC LOC AIR 5 system

Offer in Helmet Giro Syntax MIPS

El Giro Syntax Helmet combines a touch of European style with a slightly deeper coverage and high performance features, all in a much slimmer style.

Its outer cover is molded from a resistant polycarbonate that merges permanently with the EPS foam liner using a In-Mold construction process.

Why buy the Giro Syntax MIPS helmet?

The ventilation of the Giro Syntax helmet helps to avoid overheating despite its additional coverage in the back, it is not excessive or bulky at all; something special for road cycling.

The fit is luxurious and safe, thanks to our system Roc Loc® 5 Air MIPS Highly adjustable that allows you to customize the fit for great stability and long-range comfort.

Giro Syntax Helmet
Another benefit is the integrated MIPS that can provide an additional measure of protection against rotational forces in the event of an angular impact.

MIPS protection

The MIPS protection system in the Giro Syntax helmet means "Multidirectional impact protection system", is another feature that was previously reserved for the high-end helmets that you will find in these models.

Cycling Helmet Offer Syntax Giro
Essentially, it uses a light, barely perceptible piece, attached to the helmet with rubber anchors to allow a small additional movement of the helmet in a crash.

That additional slip can reduce the impact forces of rotation, which can cause concussions. On the other hand MIPS is not exclusive of Giro, but the brand integrates it directly into its retention system Roc Loc 5.

Roc Loc retention system, it fits and works like a much more expensive model. The vents are a little smaller than the Giro road helmet, the Aether, and this is 46 heavier grams

If you are looking for a helmet that combines a touch of style with a coverage a little deeper than your typical road helmet, look no further than the Giro Syntax MIPS helmet.

This attractive helmet maintains a slim design and provides more coverage on the back of the helmet to help you stay protected while driving.

The outer cover of the Giro Syntax Helmet It is molded from a strong polycarbonate that increases durability without adding unwanted weight to the helmet.

Thanks to the Fit Roc Loc Dial which is on the back of the Giro Syntax MIPS helmet, The general setting is comfortable and safe.

El MIPS 5-Air system that is inside the helmet provides great ventilation and comfort for a long-range comfort.

The Syntax MIPS is available in SM - LG sizes and is available in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

Technical characteristics

  • CoolFit ™ antimicrobial padding
  • Full body wrapping
  • Featherweight strap with Slimline ™ buckle
  • Integrated MIPS® technology
  • Polycarbonate shell in the mold with EPS lining
  • Four bodies of 25 polycarbonate Wind Tunnel ™ fans with internal ducting 18 vents