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How to get the best bike with the money you have

12 August 2019
Steps to buy a bicycle

Possibly among the biggest concerns of bicycle lovers, at present, there may be the cost in which the cycling industry and each of the distributors sell the products.

The possible discontent, often does not explain the improvements and significant advances in technology and constant development of the copies or the fact that the costs of everything rise constantly, practically at the rate of inflation. And if added to that, it reflects on how it is going to influence the price of the bicycle you have to study very well before choosing.

Currently the cost of a high-end bike can be compared to that of a good motorcycle or even a car. This is an argument that is completely ignored in economies of scale, since bicycles are generally manufactured in a number far below what is done in other vehicles, which in a certain part must allow them increase the cost of sale, or the price that manufacturers consider adequate.

In short, the fact is that the best bikes can be quite expensive, but it is always possible to buy a good bike with the budget you have, without altering our financial health. Everything will depend on the type of bicycle you want to buy, the place of purchase and the plans under which the bicycle is purchased.

In general, the most expensive bicycles are those that are very light, those with the highest rigidity, those with the best quality and, of course, those with the best components.

This is what companies usually do, they reserve their best components and materials for the highest cost copies, using lower cost components for cheaper models, but this does not mean they are of poor quality.

How to buy a good bike for less

If you are looking for the first bike or want to renew the one you already have, you should know that buying a new bike is always something complex, since it is a market that is constantly moving and the models are getting better. So it is necessary to know what you can get with the money you have. For this we tell you some tips that can be very useful.

Search the discounts of the big chains

It is not that small stores do not have good models or affordable prices, but perhaps for them it is much more difficult to offer so many discounts, bearing in mind that you could be losing a lot of profits because the sales volume is usually lower.

On the other hand, large stores or chains usually have to make large settlements at the end of the year with the aim of eliminating the old stock and having a good space for new specimens.

In the same way by the volume of sale that usually have, this type of stores usually acquire a much better cost by the manufacturer, which allows them to handle a greater margin in the price.

It should also be considered that this type of establishment usually have commercial events at least once a year, as in the case of Black Friday. These days they promote the products with good discounts with full guarantee.

Acquire the test bikes

Many establishments specialized in cycling have models that are usually used for customers to make relevant tests before deciding to buy, in this way users can have knowledge of all the characteristics of the specimen they are looking for.

These bikes are almost new but some may have small flaws in the paint, etc and also a lower price. They can not be sold as new, so the price is quite affordable for a copy of excellent quality. Of course it will not be the last model but it may be the model that precedes it.

Buy online

Not everyone likes the idea of ​​doing this type of shopping online, and it is usually easier to get good prices than in person in the store, so it is an option that can not be missed.

You can get very good offers online and in the portals of the manufacturers directly. And is that there are many manufacturers who have their own sales pages, where they offer great deals, with different forms of payment that are attractive to users. In addition, a product of excellent quality is being acquired with total security.