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Excellent discount on Nike Free RN shoes

4 November 2018
discount on Nike Free RN shoes

The Nike Free Run shoes were designed in a minimalist way, is totally light and usually performs well in short 10k speed races. All The structure of the shoe allows the athlete to create a feeling of serenity around the foot, which in turn creates a great adjustment that results as during the race.

Offer in Nike Free Run Shoes

These shoes currently have an unbeatable discount, their material is light and flexible. The shoes stay in place completely despite the movements during the race. Something that takes by surprise is the step, in any standard shoe you will notice the difference between a standard tread and a different one like the Nike Free RN.

discount nike free rn shoes
Nike shoes have a displacement of 8mm, this measure seems to be a trend among running shoes. This produces a natural sensation, really as if you were barefoot this is due to the displacement of 8mm.

Technical characteristics Nike Free RN

The upper part of Nike Free RN shoes is constructed of a material that now includes spandex, the Spandex material allows for greater perspiration. On the other hand allows a much more comfortable feeling without tension around the foot.

sneakers nike free rn
The inner wrap also allows for greater stability, comfort and adjustment without problems.

In previous versions of the shoe laces have simply been laces, in the new 2018 model, Nike uses the mechanism "Flywire" this is connected internally.

Why buy the Nike Free RN shoes?

In general, the shoes have a good appearance, an impressive fit and a feeling of greater performance. The innovative sole maintains an updated design, even so it offers a comfortable and barefoot feeling.

Among other characteristics it also expands and contracts in each movement, this provides a natural sensation.

Nike says "The pattern of the Nike Free Run shoes is a soft and light sole that imitates the natural movement of the foot through an innovative pattern ".

Among other characteristics it also expands and contracts in each movement, this provides a natural sensation.

The shoes are manufactured mainly for short races, from the daily 5km to that spontaneous sprint, they are also totally flexible.
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