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cycling cap

If there is an accessory very typical of the golden era of cycling, it is the caps. From the sixties to the late eighties, the great legends of this sport were characterized by wearing this accessory during competitions. In addition, over time they became the ideal support for sponsors.

Although the use of the helmet displaced the caps, nowadays they return with strength. Not only protect from the sun, but gives us the opportunity to give an original touch to our attire while we are on the road.

In Cycling Offers we have the summer cycling caps that you need for yourself or to make a special gift.

The best cycling cap

Although for many years the caps were forgotten or became material for collectors and nostalgic, the truth is that there is a resurgence of this trend that has moved from the world of competition to urban fashion.

At the moment, all major cycling brands have their own caps collections, so it's not hard to get an original design. And the best thing is that being a specialized product, it is designed to be worn under the helmet with comfort, so it does not require modifications or cause any discomfort.

Although there are many brands and models, there are some essential for those who want to wear a cap of this type with great style. The cycling caps Castelli or Le Coq Sportif for example, have a classic fit, are lightweight and breathable, and also offer some resistance to wind and water. In addition in its collections there are for all the tastes: from the most discreet combinations to the most striking ones.

Original gifts: Vintage cycling cap

If you want to surprise a fan of bikes, a vintage cycling cap is an original and unforgettable gift. Just consider using specialized physical or online stores that are known to offer this type of product, otherwise you may receive a fake.

Collectors of sports memorabilia and veteran cyclists can also be a good reference for doing this type of shopping. It is an expensive gift, but whoever who receives it is involved in the world of cycling, will understand the value it has.

Summer cycling cap

Buying a summer cycling cap has some advantages:

First of all, they are a first barrier to protect us from the effect of solar rays, so their use is ideal not only in summer, but throughout the year.

It is a practical (and fun) way to stand out when we go by bike, especially if we are in a squad.

Although it is an accessory designed for cycling, the current designs allow it to be used as part of urban clothing. And in summer we always appreciate having something at hand that frees us from the sun.

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