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How to treat a wound on a bicycle?

25 July 2019
wound treatment on bike

Suffer from a bicycle wound It is downright painful, your care can be quite special and you may even need a treatment in the future.

We do everything possible to avoid the pain of bloody knees and elbows But sometimes the inevitable happens and that's when gravity always wins.

Let's say you can not maintain a correct stability and unfortunately you fall off the bike, in this article we want to preface how you can look forsolve a wound caused by the bike.

Steps to treat a bicycle wound

Determine the severity

Sometimes cuts or scratches have more than a quarter of an inch deep, When you can see fat, muscle or bone you may need to go directly to the emergency room or emergency care; you may need some stitches. If the wounds seem to be right on the surface of your skin you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

bicycle wound
However, if the bleeding does not stop, it is better to err on the side of caution and ask a specialized doctor to check it.

Cleaning or washing

It is likely that in an area where there is no support or you have to wait a while for someone to pick it up, the best you can do in this case is spray immediately with clean water your wounds, try using water from your water bottle to remove dirt and debris from the road. Wash your hands well at home use soap to wash gently the wound and then continue applying to the necessary.

Despite the contrary belief, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol are not necessary to clean a wound, in reality this can irritate the tissue.

Stop bleeding

Most of the wounds on the bike tend to stop bleeding and they heal themselves after a while. If this has not happened after a couple of days, you may have to apply a sterile gauze in the areaApply even and constant pressure, you may need to apply more layers if the wound bleeds through the gauze; do not remove the gauze to look at the wound this can reopen the scab.

A bicycle injury requires a reasonable period of rest, you may have to leave the bike for a few days if it is too big.

Cover the wound

Many people after have a bicycle wound They decide to leave the area if they cover, covering the wound can help prevent infection by applying a thin layer of antibiotic ointmentThis can prevent the wound from drying out and also helps prevent scarring.

Common dressings include bandages for smaller wounds or gauze pads and larger wound tape, better change the dressing daily and every time the wound bleeds.

You may need to cover the wound, but remember that you must also give room for fresh air to enter it.

Constant control

It is possible that the discoloration and crusts may appear normal in a bicycle wound. However, keep your eyes open for detect signs of infection, some of these Signs include redness and swelling and excess material derived from infections. In some cases when a bicycle wound is very strong it can cause fever and discomfort.

If you experience some of these symptoms, such as fever or dizziness, do not hesitate to see your doctor; it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Prevent scars

Some cyclists consider that the scars are badges of honor, occasioned by a bicycle wound; but there is another group that we are not interested in colorless tattoo in the shape of Antarctica; There are remarkable ways to reduce scars. First, we must follow that advice from our mother when we were little, do not remove the crust.

No matter how much it bites, the scab will fall off if you wave once the skin underneath has healed, it is important that you keep the wound moist and clean by applying a antibiotic ointment at the beginning. You may need to apply a moisturizer once you have finished cleaning the wound. Finally you should keep the vulnerable area covered with sunscreen SPF 30 + to limit sun exposure.

In some cases UV rays can darken the affected tissue and discolor it permanently.

How to react to an accident on a bicycle?

It does not matter that the accident was minimal, you may need to request outside help; especially if there is a car involved. If your bicycle wound It is serious you may need medium assistance.

During an accident where a vehicle is involved it is necessary to present a police report Based on the information collected at the scene, this story may change later if you need to file an insurance claim.

If you have suffered a accident by the driver of a vehicle It is important that you obtain the insurance information, address, cell phone number, license plate number and even information of the person.

As with any accident do not make the hard, do not admit faults and do not minimize your injuries or damage to your bike.