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Bicycle power meter

20 May 2019

Un bicycle power meter offers great advantages to cyclists. Currently, all professionals carry a power meter. However, not everything that shines is gold, because this meter is very useful but also presents some drawbacks.

What is a bicycle power meter?

This device allows to measure the power output that the cyclist has. It has real-time power data. With this device you can quantify, control and adjust the watts generated when pedaling. The power meter is installed on the bicycle, and is also known as potentiometers.

Its operation is quite simple, the potentiometer use voltage meters. These deviate once a force is applied. After this measurement it is combined with the angular velocity and the power is calculated. (This power is reflected in watt measurements). However, in the market the bike power meter They are for sale in different types.

Types of power meters

There are several types of power meters, each of them can be installed in various parts of the bicycle. The ones shown below are the potentiometers that are used in this modern era:


bicycle power meter

These devices are (according to statistics) most coveted, but also the most inaccessible because of their high price. German potentiometer models are considered the most reliable and most accurate in the market. East bicycle power meter They are integrated in the connecting rods and their measurement offers data of the strength that the cyclist performs in each leg. This meter has ANT + technology.


bicycle power meter

The Power2max is considered one of the best options for cyclists. Because these provide great precision, in some of their models can measure the effort of each leg individually. In addition, the installation of this device on the connecting rods is simple to perform. Its advanced ANT + technology allows its transmission to be 100% functional to any cyclocomputer.

The only problem with this device is that it is not compatible with all brands. Because some manufacturers have eliminated the possibility of separating the connecting rod from the spider.


bicycle power meter

This bicycle power meter it is integrated in the left crank. It is very advantageous since its weight is quite light for the bicycle. Now, its measurement is not completely accurate. This is because it only measures the force executed by the cyclist in the left leg. Then, the result is multiplied by 2, to give the value of both legs.


bicycle power meter

PowerTap is a bicycle power meter which is integrated into the wheel hub. Some consider it to be outside of modern technology, but at the same time it offers a lot of comfort. Its advantage is much greater, because when changing the wheel, the potentiometer is installed on any other bicycle.

In addition, the fact that the meter is in the hub of the wheel, favors it. Because this gives you more protection in the event of an incident or fall. Some PowerTap pedals They have a power meter.

Rotor in Power

bicycle power meter

It is a Spanish brand that enjoys a good reputation and recognition in the potentiometer sales market. This has been possible because of its renewal and experience, and because of its current inPower technology. An innovative system integrated in the inner part of the bottom bracket shaft.

In this way it is totally protected from possible impacts and capable of eliminating any external interference. Its new model has been improved in its weight, and its high precision and calibration is not complicated.


bicycle power meter

This bicycle power meter It is the best option in the budget. The meter can be purchased together with a new connecting rod. Or the company can also sell the meter and they perform the installation on the cyclist's crank. That is, without needing to change it.

The single-ended potentiometer is available for all makes, models and connecting rod lengths. It is the first option for all those who have a tight budget. This does not mean that it is of poor quality, it is compatible with ANT + technology and Bluetooth. And the meter is high quality, light and very precise.

Advantages and disadvantages of the potentiometer

In today's world, there are devices with a very advanced technological material. These are very useful for all people, however, nothing is forever. It also happens with the bicycle power meterIt has a lot to offer but it is not perfect either.


El bicycle power meter allows to execute a training by power zones. This is much more effective than a workout performed by heart rate zones. Because they allow you to set objectives based on the result of the power generated on the pedals.

In addition, the bicycle power meter It manages to quantify the performance of the bicycle and its physical improvement. This does it in a real and non-objective way, and some of these potentiometers measure each leg individually. This is a very advantageous advantage since the decompensation of each limb can be detected.


The main disadvantage of each of the potentiometers is their high cost. Its price is not so accessible, for that reason, not all cyclists own one. On the other hand, professionals and experts do have it (since their economic position is greater). Therefore, install a bike power meter, It represents a high cost.

Its other disadvantage is that -although the price is very high- the potentiometer can only be installed and used on a single bicycle. The only exception is that of the pedals with meter already integrated.

The compatibility between standards must also be taken into account. That is, get a bicycle power meter for a specific bottom bracket system, it's very good. But then when changing bikes with a different system, there will be no standards compatibility.

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