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Triathlon Monkey

triathlon monkey

Perhaps it is not risky to say that next to the bicycle, triathlon clothing is the second essential thing whose quality can compromise your performance. It's no use having the best performance or the best bike if the suit you're wearing does not let you breathe.

In Cycling Offers we know the value of training and competition clothing, that's why we offer you this guide of triathlon monkeys.

Triathlon Trisuits

In a sport discipline as demanding as triathlon, clothes must be comfortable. Then you can evaluate other qualities, but without comfort there is no good performance. That is why the quality of the fabric in the trisuits is a fundamental factor. The brands Orca or zoot of triathlon clothes know it and for that reason they are some of the most recognized in the market.

Currently, the technology applied to training textiles generates comfortable, lightweight and hydrodynamic products, with polyester or its derivatives being one of the most common fabrics. The current triathlon monkeys not only improve mobility in the water, but they are aerodynamic and lightweight. In summary, one more complement that will help you perform better in the competition.

Trisuits for men or women can be one or two pieces. The choice of one or another model depends essentially on the taste of each person, although it is advisable to use the two-piece for long distances, since the contact of the air with your abdomen will keep you cooler.

While the one piece is recommended for short distances because the chamois (the part of tissue that is in the crotch area) is thinner than in the two piece.

Monkeys for premium triathletes

Now that you know a little more about the trisuits and are looking for options for your triathlete complements, you are ready to choose. In Cycling Offers we have several models of triathlon monkeys with excellent value for money.

We also have some models with discounts, such as triathlon monkeys for women from the New Zealand brand Skins or trisuits for men from Castelli, with sublimated and reflective details, as well as an ultra-fast drying system.

In our online store you will not only find a variety of models, but also prices. So if you are starting, you can start with what best suits your pocket and as you advance and your sports demands increase, you will be ready to buy even more competitive models.

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