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Triathlon neoprene

Triathlon neoprene

Whether you are a triathlon professional or you are just starting out, you know that the right clothes can make a difference when training or competing. Neoprene is a high-tech material that can provide comfort and protection at the same time so you can meet your sporting goals. And in Cycling Offers we have the best neoprene suits for you.

Why do you need a wetsuit

Although there are other fabric options, neoprene has been presented in recent years as the option that offers greater competitive advantages. Let's see why:

It molds to the body without pressure, but if slack.

It is a flexible material

Improves slip and buoyancy.

Protects against possible external aggressions, such as jellyfish stings

Increase propulsion.

Of course, it is important to note that these advantages will depend on the brand chosen, the quality of the neoprene and even the type of suit. Neoprene for surfing is not the same as one for swimming. Surfers are more rigid, since athletes spend a lot of time in the same position, and that is something that is not convenient in swimming, where we are always in motion.

Also, it is not the same to have a neoprene swim suit with sleeves or without them. The latter are for those lucky enough to swim in warm waters. Otherwise, when your arms come into contact with cold water, your body temperature will drop and the neoprene can not fulfill one of its functions: to maintain body temperature.

Triathlon neoprene suits are specially designed for this discipline. Hence, their designs include combinations of textures and thicknesses that increase aerodynamics, protect the body from temperature and external elements and improve your sports performance.

Your swimming neoprene at the best price

In Cycling Offers we have several models of triathlon clothing at competitive prices. Neoprene suits for men and women, in one or two pieces, with and without sleeves ... The options are very varied and you can choose according to your sporting needs and what best suits your budget.

The best thing is that in our online sports store you will find several neoprene models for swimming in discount. There is no better way to feel motivated to train than to know that we have the best equipment. And if it is at the offer price, much better.

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