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Offer Kask Protone cycling helmet

16 July 2019

The most advanced helmet of KASK so far. Developed in collaboration with the Team Ineos cycling team.

Aerodynamic performance, lightness, maximum ventilation and impressive style, all this is offered by the new KASK Protone helmet.

The Protone weighs only 230 grams and incorporates an 3D Dry padding. Which has a multilayer open cell structure to increase comfort.

The new KASK Protone helmet also incorporates removable and washable padding on the inside. Made from CoolMax fabrics. The interior of the padding is treated with the Sanitized antimicrobial process. In addition, the Octo Fit system guarantees a perfect fit for all types of heads.

KASK also continues to use its Multi In-Molding technology to create a polycarbonate cover for the top, the base ring and the back of the helmet shell.

This technology has great advantages.

This is linked to the inner polystyrene cap using the KASK mold technology. All this in order to improve the absorption of impacts. Its reinforced frame reduces to a greater extent the risk that the casing will break in case of impact.

Three-dimensional padding 3D Dry. The special internal padding is based on an innovative multilayer open cell process that provides maximum comfort and performance.

Technical specifications

  • The various ventilation holes reduce the contact surface between the head and the padding by an 70% compared to standard designs.
  • The material of the padding of 5 mm thick removes moisture from the head and expels it quickly towards the outer layer of the helmet.
  • The Aerator evaporation system with three positions on the top of the helmet improves safety.
  • The upper part is reinforced with an internal plastic substructure, which increases the protection against impacts and conserves the integrity of the helmet after impacts.
  • CoolMax material padding. The front part of the helmet has an insert that absorbs sweat very effectively, it is removed without problems and can be washed in the washing machine.
  • Self-adjusting side divider that provides fantastic comfort to the cyclist and requires little adjustment.

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What are the sensations when using it?

  • Once the helmet is put on and the chin strap is fastened, the divider will move to fit snugly around the earlobe.
  • Its ergonomic design means a fantastic fit for heads of all shapes and sizes, and guarantees freedom of movement and excellent ventilation.
  • Leatherette chin strap with chin strap. The anti-allergic and machine washable chin strap is extremely comfortable and prevents skin irritation.
  • It incorporates soft side spacers, with a special shape to allow excellent ventilation and avoid that unpleasant feeling of the "sweaty strip".