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Bargain in activity bracelet Garmin Vivosport

14 June, 2019

La activity bracelet Garmin Vivosport does not have the style of a band Fitbit is It also does not look like Samsung Gear technology.

The Garmin Vivosport is one of the Smaller exercise trackers of the market, has a GPS / HR tracking system and a complete record of the altimeter.

Garmin Vivosport is one activity bracelet that contemplates a band of physical conditioning with an incredible credibility in data registry, with GPS. Have a heart rate sensor, even shares an application with the Garmin Forerunner 935.

However, Garmin has created a device like this before. The Vivosport is very similar to Garmin Vivosmart HR + . In a similar way, we had to be very careful to discover the differences and make sure that it is the new model that we should recommend.

What's new in the Garmin Vivosport activity wristband?

There are many things more than a simple Long duration battery next to a thinner band.

The design of the Garmin activity wristband It focuses on touch and more high-end features such as VO2 Max reading and stress tests.

Along with a optical heart rate monitor incorporated that seems quite accurate, has GPS tracking, a color touchscreen always on, notification alerts and 15 built-in sports widgets for everything from strength training to cycling and cardio.

Unfortunately, because the screen is small, it can be a bit difficult to navigate through all the widgets and settings. At least the touch screen is significantly more sensitive than the monochromatic touch screen found in the lowest-priced Vivosmart 3.

Garmin Vivosport
You get up to 7 days of battery life, it's quite thin and comfortable to carry, your band may be a little too thin for people who have big dolls.

Characteristics of the screen

The best of all, Vivosport screen is colored, the Vivosmart HR + 's is monochrome.

A device like this, which does not have applications as such, only has many uses for color, but it certainly makes the faces of watches look more interesting, and injects a little much needed fun.

The screen is the type that Garmin uses for almost all of its fitness devices. This is one transflective screen of memory of 72 x 144 pixels.

Offer at Garmin Vivosport
Beyond the imposing name, it has some important characteristics.

Vivosport much better than Vivosmart 3

In many ways, the Garmin activity wristband Vivosport is simply a better version of Vivosmart 3, the two models have similar characteristics, but Vivosport adds the GPS and LiveTrack5 mentioned above.

A function that tracks your activity and location in real time and sends alerts to friends and family, telling them where it is on a web-based map.

Vivosport automatically tracks activity, including steps, floors up, calories burned, intensity minutes, sleep and more.

As part of your 24-7 heart rate monitoring, the device will measure the variability of the heart rate and convert it to a stress level, then ask you to breathe and relax when that level is high.

Why buy the Garmin activity wristband?

Like the Vivosmart 3, this Garmin activity wristband estimates the VO2 max, a measurable indication of aerobic performance that was previously available only in the Garmin high-end watches.

Considerations to buy the activity bracelet

  • Color touch screen always on.
  • Up to 7 days of battery life (8 hours in GPS mode).
  • It can be used when swimming or showering (waterproof).
  • Heart rate monitoring 24 / 7.
  • High-end fitness monitoring tools such as VO2 max and monitoring of well-being and physical well-being with monitoring of stress throughout the day.
  • Automatically track activity, including steps, floors up, calories burned, intensity of minutes, sleep and more.
Cycling offers Garmin
The new strength training activity tracks repetitions, sets and even rest times during your free weight and bodyweight exercises.
  • Includes LiveTrack5, a feature that alerts designated family and friends during their training in real time using the built-in GPS.
  • Move IQ automatically recognizes activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming and elliptical training, and records the activity.
  • Once synchronized with Garmin Connect, these recorded activities can be viewed as part of a detailed timeline.
  • It automatically synchronizes with the Garmin Connect mobile application throughout the day to store statistics.
  • Available in black / chalkboard (small / medium and large), black / fuchsia (small / medium only) and black / focus light (only large).
  • You can control the music on your phone from Vivosport, send an alert to locate a misplaced smartphone and remotely control a Garmin VIRB camera.

According to Garmin, his maximum VO2 score translates to a fitness level, which varies from poor to better, and is also used to calculate his physical age, "a related metric that puts a user's fitness level in terms of an age. "