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Every sportsman who dedicates himself to his discipline seriously wants to see results. And for this you must measure your productivity. In Cycling Offers we have sports watches for men and women with heart rate monitors, GPS and everything you need to be aware of all the indicators that will help you improve your performance.

Extensive catalog of pulsedmeters

The measurement of heart rate in training helps to make the necessary corrections and design better plans for the athlete. The most important thing is that it allows you to establish parameters that do not affect your health.

In principle, heart rate monitors are digital precision devices that have a transmitting band or strap to place on the chest. They also have a receiver that in most cases is usually a clock.

In addition to the heart rate, a heart rate monitor can measure other variables, such as distance and time traveled, calories burned and if GPS can show a map of the route. Beyond these measurements, its true value lies in the fact that it can show this data in real time, which allows making the necessary modifications in the act.

For its part, currently almost any training chronometer watch is adapted to connect with a heart rate monitor.

Operational running watch

  • It helps to design safe training plans for the athlete.
  • Control the intensity of training.
  • By being in direct contact with the body through the skin, the accuracy of the data is much more reliable than that of a gym machine.
  • Even if the athlete is doing a collective training, his values ​​will allow him to personalize it and adapt it to his needs.
  • It allows to measure the scope of the sports objectives set.

Currently on the market there are digital sports watches that already have a built-in heart rate monitor. The good news is that in Cycling Offers we have a diversity of models of heart rate monitors and sports watches, so you can choose which device fits what you are looking for.

Why you need a gps watch

Although the use of GPS is closely linked to location, it is not just about knowing "where we are". It is about taking advantage of these data and incorporating them into our training. That is why it is so valuable to have a gps heart rate monitor. But let's see how you can take advantage of it:

  • With a gps heart rate monitor, or a training clock with this function, you can follow established routes that you have previously downloaded.
  • It is also possible to follow routes of previous competitions that facilitate their routes.
  • With the GPS, you can mark specific places on your route and add useful directions for other athletes.
  • It is much more practical and lighter than using a mobile phone. In addition, it is more precise.

To buy a cheap men's and women's sports watch or a bandless heart rate monitor, review the options we have in our catalog. We have watches for sport of men and women, in a variety of brands and models.

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