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High visibility clothes Asics running. Offers not to stop running in winter

8 December, 2018
high visibility clothing Asics LiteShow

If you like an activity such as running in an almost vehement way, it is obvious that you do not want to stop running, regardless of the environmental conditions that arise.

However, and If you plan to go running during the winter season, we remind you that you can not leave aside taking into account certain recommendations to go safely and conveniently.

Why it is convenient to buy high visibility clothes for running

That's why, now we want to suggest the offers that Asics brings us for this year-end season. And is that, in addition to delivering technical and very comfortable pendas, the collection Lite-Show Asics running gives us safety features that will make it much more reliable to go out running these days that the nights are longer.

So, if you have some time doing the practice of running, you will recognize that to go running in dark environments you require high visibility clothing that allows you to facilitate your visualization by any type of vehicle while you are running. In this way, when the end of the year season arrives, this type of considerations are even more relevant, especially when the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

Now, in most cases this type of attire, to go out at night to run safely, is not the most attractive or adequate for high performance (in the end, it is safety equipment).

Features offered by the high visibility clothing collection Asics running Lite-Show

La Asics Lite-Show collection is a range of reflective clothing that ensures you can visualize in any way and circumstance.

But, in addition to intelligently integrates reflective material, this type of attire is really comfortable, to withstand the inclemencies of intense cold. In such a way, polar fabric is added that although it is warm, it also manages sweat very well. And, to top it off, this collection also includes all those features you might need for a comfortable and pleasant fit.

Finally, if you are a new customer and spend more than 50 euros, we offer you a discount of up to 10 euros on your first purchase (and at the end, we will place you the discount code to claim this promotion).

Offers and price range of high visibility clothing Asics Lite-Show 2018

To finish, in the collection of reflective clothing for running Asics you will find shoes such as GT-2000 6 and Gel-Kayano 25 with price ranges of 150 and 190 euros. In addition to offering tights, shirts and jackets. And, for your greatest satisfaction, some garments will offer discounts of 16%, 30% and up to 49%.

And if you can not wait any longer, here's the list of offers in reflective clothing for running Asics:

And, here is the code for discount of 10 euros (the discount also applies on material with discount), only valid for first purchases: NCVEU

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