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Road Carbon Wheels

Road Carbon Wheels

Technological advances have had a direct impact on the development of sports. In the case of cycling, this has brought with it the production of increasingly efficient, safe and lightweight bikes and accessories. The carbon wheels are the best example of this.

Carbon, a material that in principle was limited to elite athletes for its high price, has gradually become a little more accessible for those looking for mid-range or high-end bicycles. If you are looking for carbon wheels for road bikes, in Cycling Offers we explain everything you need to know and we suggest the best options.

Large selection of carbon wheels

Before choosing the carbon road bicycle wheels, you must be clear about your training objectives so that you can choose the wheel set that best suits your needs. The choice of low, medium or high carbon profile wheels can be decisive for your comfort and performance during your walks or competitions.

High profile wheels: they allow to roll with a lot of speed and comfortably on flat terrains since they are the most aerodynamic. They have a profile equal to or greater than 40mm.

Medium profile wheels: if you want a set of wheels that will serve you not only for road, but for multiple terrains, this can be a good investment, since they combine the aerodynamics of the high profile with the lightness of the low profile. They have between 30 and 40mm profile.

Low profile wheels: perfect for beginners or for those looking for lighter wheels. They serve for several types of terrain, they are comfortable and with an excellent quality-price ratio.

In Cycling Offers we have high-end carbon wheels and in some cases with discount, so you can enjoy the speed and lightness of these tires of competitive level.

The best carbon rims on the market

If you start in road cycling, it is normal to ask yourself why you should use carbon profile wheels instead of aluminum. These are some reasons:

They are lighter: carbon is a lighter material than aluminum, so you will "save" a few grams, and in cycling this can be decisive.

They have greater strength and rigidity: again, carbon is a material with better performance than aluminum.

It is malleable: this makes the wheels (or any other component made of this material) can be molded to make them aerodynamic.

They offer a very smooth driving.

Carbon wheels for road bikes are more expensive than aluminum wheels, but their advantages make it worth the investment.

In our online cycling shop we have carbon rings of excellent quality, with different profiles and brands to choose from so you can choose the ones that offer the best performance. In addition, in Cycling Offers you can take a look at the high-end carbon wheels that we have at a discount.

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