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Specialized Epic Hardtail 2020 the new ultralight bike

12 August 2019
Specialized Epic HardTrail

La Specialized Epic HardTrail 2020 is the new bike model for cross country cycling enthusiasts. They have been years of innovation that present internal changes, refining and improvements. All this has made it the most manageable, comfortable and light bike that can be found in the market.

Specialized Epic HardTrail

Features of the Specialized Epic HardTrail

With years of development, Specialized markedly improved the characteristics of this MTB. Its directional angle is wider, less offset and the range is greater, in addition to shorter powers. The Specialized Epic HardTrail It has been designed to be agile and stable, both downhill and fast roads.

More specific lengths

The direction allows an angular opening of 68,5 °, giving the specialized epic A good turning radius. With respect to the length of the sheaths and the angular measurement for the vertical tube, they remain unchanged. The above is based on the predecessor of the Specialized Epic HardTrail.

As for the power, the length of these has been trimmed, but the handlebars become larger. The power depends largely on the sizes of the bike. The Specialized Epic HardTrail Presents power measurements between 60 - 75 mm. The handlebars have lengths ranging from 750 to 760 mm.

Heavy duty and lightweight carbon material

The picture of the Specialized Epic 2020 Enjoy the best reputation. The medium-sized S-Works type enjoys an incredible weight of 790 gr. In the words of the manufacturer, it is the MTB Specialized Epic carbón lightest in the world, mass production.

It uses a type of material called FACT12M carbon, which is 75 gr. Lighter than the previous model. Likewise, changes have been made, to place it as the most specialized epic rígida.

Also the mid-range models of the Specialized Epic HardTrail contain the carbon material FACT 11M. All high-end versions feature the S-Works competition frame type.

Seatpost Design

The new design of the seatpost for Specialized Epic HardTrail 2020 It is more comfortable and absorbent. Likewise, the new design makes 30 grams lighter in relation to other models. Thus, it is allowed to install seatposts of telescopic type.

In addition, the vertical tube has been redesigned so that it is not completely straight. Thus, its curvature allows to absorb the irregularities of the roads. With it, the Specialized Epic HardTrail Achieve a comfortable additional when pedaling. Additionally, the installation of wider wheels is achieved.

Innovative fork system

The novel and sensational Specialized Epic HardTrail presents a fork design with BRAIN position sensitive technology. Its route is between 100 and 110 millimeters. The first 25 mm of travel works freely, conventional type. The remaining length allows smoothness and eliminates impacts from the road.

Similarly, it improves control and traction in any way, increasing sensitivity to irregularities. With that, the design of the Specialized Epic HardTrail It has been improved for more technical and wild circuits.

Wheels and tires

The models of the Specialized Epic HardTrail they are made to use 29 wheels. ” The novelty is that, due to the design of the vertical tube, tires up to 2,4 can be placed ”. Thus, extreme reliability is achieved in the Specialized Epic HardTrail, even in very muddy conditions.

Other important advances

Among other advances, the Specialized Epic HardTrail shows a threaded bottom bracket configuration. The new redesign of the bottom bracket allows for greater reliability, reducing maintenance times.

Furthermore, the Specialized Epic HardTrail manages to run the cables through redesigned internal guides. The purpose is to reduce the vibrations, reduce the noise, and with this it is possible to influence more in reducing weight.

Finally, for those who need better performance, the Specialized Epic HardTrail It can carry up to two bottle cages. Thus, fun and demand will not be affected by the lack of liquids

Models and sizes

For the demanding cycling public, the nueva Specialized Epic 2020 It exhibits seven carbon versions, with certain differences. The first of these are the materials. Three models present the FACT 12M carbon frame and Four presents the FACT 11M.

Another difference is the types of brake and transmission. The common thing of the specialized manufacturer is to place versions Shimano and SRAM In their models. The fork features Rockshox and FOX versions

The high-end series is made up of the models AXS, Ultralight and XTR, with S-Works frame. The remaining four mid-range models feature the Pro, Expert, Comp and the simple models Specialized Epic HardTrail.

Specialized Epic HardTrail

Become the owner of the Specialized Epic HardTrail

La Specialized Epic HardTrail It is one of the best MTB in the market. In addition the materials used for its manufacture, and its light weight, make it the best option.

El specialized epic precio It presents variety according to the chosen model. It can range from 2000 euros to almost 10000 euros. The models with higher prices are the high-end, AXS, Ultralight and XTR. Be professional or amateur, the bicycle Specialized Epic HardTrail for the season 2020 details comfort and reliability. With this, you will enjoy the experience of driving under any road conditions.