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Best road shoes for the 2019

12 August 2019

One of the key contact points between you and your bike is at your feet. In the seventies and eighties, companies such as Cinelli and Look developed the first automatic pedals without clip, which allowed the shoes to be hooked and removed from the pedals without the need for the clip.

Best road shoes

Over the past three decades, pedals and shoes without clips have been used almost exclusively at the top of the sport and several shoe brands have emerged to further improve pedaling efficiency with the introduction of rigid carbon fiber soles and various systems clamping for better power transfer.

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Specialized Torch 2.0 for women

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Specialized's Torch 2.0 women's road shoes are in the middle of the Torch cycling shoe range and have been designed to deliver performance, but not at the expense of comfort.

The construction is a mixture of 100% mesh and TPU, which according to Specialized allows more space in the toe and a less restrictive feeling. The shoes are also available in black and green.

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The Boa dial and velcro strap are easy to adjust while you're away from home and provide a secure fit. Overall, the Torch 2.0 Road is a great shoe that will fit cyclists with wider feet.

Imperial Twist

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The new Giro Imperial road cycling shoe is the most expensive shoe ever manufactured. Instead of entering the lightweight race and taking on Specialized, with his new flyweight EXOS or Mavic's incredibly light and expensive Ultimates Comet, Giro has designed the Imperial to combine lightweight elements of his slender Prolight Techlace shoe with the practical aspects of a BOA for greater comfort and practicality.

Easton's EC90 SLX carbon plate has been used instead of the lighter Textreme version found in Twist Techlace because the SLX carbon plate is made of stronger material. SLX is only about 5 g heavier than the equivalent Textreme, but is more resistant to impacts, splinters and scratches.

The sole has also been equipped with a replaceable bumper on the heel for added protection, while the upper part of the shoe uses TPU materials from the Japanese company Tijin, just like the Prolight, but the construction has a bit more mass.

Inside Giro has moved its Supernatural insoles with the adjustable arch support (the inserts come with the templates for low-medium-high support) and Giro says that you can also use custom insoles on the shoe.

Fur Helix

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The company has been working on this replacement focused on racing, with Helix using its more standard Durolite upper, which is like a typical microtex material but thinner and with more stretch. The upper part is lined with a suede-like material, with a layer of viscoelastic foam intercalated to ensure a comfortable fit.

The chassis epoxy thermosetting resin base allows a lot of adjustments when adjusted, and if it persists, the Helix will become a second skin. As for the weight, they are what I expect from Bont, being a fly weight of 530 g (pair, size 45).

On the bike, Helix shoes are excellent, the feeling of still stiffness is better than any other running shoe I have tried, which translates into the feeling that every part of your power is coming into place.

They adapt better to hard efforts on the bicycle, rather than long and leisurely walks. In addition, the expense and exposure of the carbon sole means that you will want to walk to a minimum or stand with these running shoes very focused on performance, even with the substantial bumper of the foot and the replaceable heel pad.

Northwave Flash TH

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The obvious difference between the Flash TH and its older brother, the Flash Arctic GTX winter boot, which is a popular option to defend against rain and cold, is the lack of ankle protection, but that is not where the endings end. differences

The Flash TH is based on the Northwave NRG Air carbon reinforced nylon sole, while the top is microfiber without ventilation panels or perforations. They are lined with a Thinsulate membrane with additional insulation around the fingers.

The sole is also insulated, including the insoles, which are from the Northwave Arctic, with a perforated silver base with aluminum lining for heat control and the brushed top for comfort. The heel and toe have thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) reinforcement, although the front bumper is too shallow to fully protect the toe.

Northwave's Biomap Aero overlay dispenses with a tongue, providing a comfortable, pressure-free and aerodynamic top. The unique SLW2 dial offers a micro-adjustment of a small click in any direction, and is quickly released. The interwoven braided cord requires a lot of curl, but results in an excellently even tension and a secure fit.

With most socks on, you have a cooler band between them and the shoe, and on wet days, the only way to prevent moisture from having direct access to your shoe is the footwear, which may be too hot. That is why Flash TH is possibly the most suitable in spring and autumn. They are efficient, extremely tight and easy to use, but by themselves they are not an option for the whole winter.