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Triathlon shoes

triathlon shoes

If you have already participated in triathlons or consider doing it, you know that competition shoes have to be useful and versatile beyond their brand or model. What characterizes good triathlon shoes? Where can I buy them? In Cycling Offer we tell you.

Wide catalog of triathlon shoes

On our website you can find triathlon shoes of different brands and models and in a wide range of prices. Although this type of footwear has particular characteristics, there are subtle differences between brands that are worth reviewing so that you can choose the ones that best suit you.

Characteristics of triathlon shoes

In the first place, unlike ordinary sneakers, triathlon shoes do not have many adjustments. In addition, the adjustments are Velcro, so they are very practical at the time of transition and open from the inside out, unlike the shoes for other modalities.

The sole is much stiffer than other models of sports shoes.

Unlike other types of special shoes, such as mountain biking, they have more holes in the sole. In this case, 3 or 4.

They are designed to have better ventilation.

The interior of the shoe is lined with materials that repel water. In addition, the coating is very soft, because it is designed to be used with or without socks.

What to consider when buying triathlon shoes

The sole must be light: footwear is an important part of your equipment. If the sole is heavy, obviously it will hinder your performance.

The material of the shoe should dry quickly: no one likes to wear shoes with wet feet.

They must repel smells: you will use them for long periods of time and with wet feet. This can be a bad combination if the fabric retains odors.

Find the best triathlon shoes

You can compare and buy the best triathlon shoes on our cycling website. There you will find a diversity of brands for men and women that fit what you want for your training or competition. In addition, our price range is very broad, so you can be sure of finding something appropriate for your pocket.

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