Why power meter improve you performance on bike

The relevance of the use power meter on bike every day grows exponentially due to the benefits in the physical condition of the athletes.

Power meter, since their inception in the 80s, are having a high popularity among cyclists, regardless of whether they are amateurs or professionals, so much so that these meters can be found on mid-range bicycles.

Although it has sometimes aroused a lot of controversy and several cyclists have disagreed with its use in races, potentiometers are a tool that every cyclist uses to improve their performance and to better prepare for their workouts.

What is a power meter?

The power meter also know by potentiometer is an electronic device with which you can measure the power of your pedaling (watts) through the force-speed relationship. This meter generally transmits data wirelessly and can be synced with your bike's computer

but use the power meter is it an excellent tool to imporve your condition on the bike?
benefits power meter on bike
It is not a fad at all, although its popularity has skyrocketed due to its use by professional cyclists like Chris Froome.

Currently there are many portals that share a lot of information about everything you need to know about the power meter

The power meter has become essential, if you are looking to maintain or improve your physical condition on the bike, and it is for this reason that it has become a very useful tool in cyclists' training.

 Being able to measure and have this power data at hand gives us a real vision of the physical state of an athlete.

Since a power meter allows you to accurately measure your effort on the bike, this will help you have better training sessions and improve your fitness, regardless of who is using it.

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How do the power meter on bike works?

Most power meter use strain gauges to measure the torque created when you pedal, multiplied by your cadence, and returns a number that is your power in watts.

The resulting data is transmitted via Bluetooth or ANT + to a computer that is compatible with which you can view your performance on the bike in real time and also be stored for later analysis

You can focus on improving your weak points

Investing in a power meter on bike can be a good way to help you understand what your weaknesses are as a cyclist. For example, maybe your power numbers are high for a 30-minute time trial, but they drop during longer efforts, such as a 60-minute time trial.
Maybe your power is gone on long climbs, but it's high on short, explosive climbs, knowing your pain points through data analysis can help you develop a plan to improve in these areas and develop trainings accordingly.

Help improve your position on the bike

Modifying your position on the bike can improve your performance and overall comfort. Using a power meter is a way to measure whether saddle height, saddle front / rear position, stem length, or other changes in position have a direct effect on your performance on the bike.

This can be determined by conducting a field test, for example, after riding for 15 minutes at 30 km / h and recording your average power, make the necessary adjustments on your bike

Do the same route again for 15 minutes at 30 km / h. If your power is lower in the second workout, the changes you made may have helped your efficiency change.
Otherwise, it may be an indication that additional changes need to be made.

You will have more data to analyzes

Having data that really shows you what your physical condition is like has become a fundamental tool in the preparation of cyclists. Heart rate monitors and GPS cycling computers can be important tools for measuring performance.
But if you really want to get a better view of your fitness, a power meter will give you more information, such as the amount of watts you are producing when pedaling, the total amount of work done during a workout (kilojoules) and the intensity in a workout training.
The data you receive is also extremely accurate and is not biased by external factors such as wind or terrain

More precision in training

Precision walking during a workout is really difficult, especially during high intensity efforts or long, difficult trips.

While a heart rate monitor can help you determine how your body is responding to exertion, it is not always the best option because it can be affected by variables such as stress, hydration, and temperature.
Ideally, a heart rate monitor is used in conjunction with a power meter to help you maintain a constant effort or work rate during your workout.
When the number of watts you are producing increases or decreases from your intended rate, a power meter facilitates the response by increasing or decreasing your effort.
If we talk about power meters, we must talk about this particular model.

Best power meters

Rotor INpower Flow MAS Crankset

The Rotor INpower Flow MAS model's power method is ANT + compliant that allows you to collect power metrics as you pedal. The power meter allows recording by means of a computer that is ANT + compatible.

The INpower system is hidden inside the bicycle axle, this in order to protect the system from bumps, accidents and other external contaminants.

This meter gives the bike attractiveness and elegance and another plus is that the battery is inside the pedal shaft and is activated when it is in motion.

In this model, all the elements that are electronic in addition to the battery are integrated into the axis of the INpower system.

This system allows to be more resistant to pollutants that allows the timely transfer of data. This model has that you can change the battery to a type AA that can last up to 300 hours and also gives the option of using batteries that are also rechargeable AA.

The power meter on bike is compatible with the 30mm rotor cranks, since being INpower technology it is available in a large number of cranks for mountain racing cycling.

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The power meter is compatible with the 30mm rotor cranks, since being INpower technology it is available in a large number of cranks for mountain racing cycling.

Shimano FC-R9100-P Dura-Ace Compact

Shimano chainrings and cranks have a power meter that is integrated with the best technology such as ANT + and Bluetooth, which allows better control and analysis of a good training, in order to perform more. The readings with this tool are very accurae compared to other power meters.

The Shimano model has a controller that is equipped with Bluetooth and ANT + technology, so it can be shared and installed in other technological equipment to allow control of the athlete's performance.

Shimano technology has conducted many experiments to ensure that despite the weather conditions it works anywhere regardless of the weather.

powere meter on bike
You can accurately measure power anywhere you are.

Stages Cycling G3 L Ultegra R8000

The Stages Cycling G3 L Ultegra R8000 brand power meter is one of the most powerful meters on the market as they have been tested in major international competitions such as the Tour de France and tested by some championship winners.

 This power meter is designed to be used by high performance athletes on bike, professionals thanks to its excellent quality. The power of this meter is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT +.

This meter can be used with all Shimano transmissions. As is already known, precision is a very important point in choosing a power meter, so it is important that you understand that the precision of this model is +/- 1.5% for this reason it falls within the range of the best models of enhancers.

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In addition to having the backing of great athletes, it can also be backed by engineering by saying that it is a great product specifically designed to be resistant to climate change and adapt to the places where it is used.

PowerTap G3 Hub

The PowerTap G3 gives you a combined measurement of the power produced by the right and left legs and does not measure it independently.

While not essential, if you need a separate measurement for your specific left and right leg, you might consider looking at some pedal knobs.

The PowerTap is one of the most widely used and established power meters on the market and for good reason - it has been around in different models for over 15 years.

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Its weight is 325 g It has dual ANT + / Bluetooth Smart connectivity with a battery life that will depend on the battery you put