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Akaso EK7000 action camera the best at the best price

8 May 2019

If you fancy a GoPro but the price discourages you, the action camera Akaso EK7000 Pro can be a good alternative. Is below half the price of the model Hero7 White from GoPro, although, unlike the GoPro, it does not come with a MicroSD card or voice control.

Use in 4k / 25fps, 2.7k 30fps or 1080p / 60fps modes as well as the 16Mpixel still image capture. That's better video performance that the GoPro Hero7 White, but a cheaper than the Hero7 Silver If you plan to place the camera under a Garmin support, you can set it to record the images upside down.

Action camera Akaso EK7000
In addition, there are options such as burst photo (take three photos per second), time lapse photos and loop recording

Why buy the Akaso EK7000 PRO action camera?

La action camera Akaso EK7000 Pro comes with a waterproof case that is compatible with GoPro frames, so you can set it up on your bike or take it underwater (where there is a way to rebalance the colors to compensate for the different color balance in the water).

Can operate the four controls main easily through the large silver buttons on the box. When it is out of its case, the action camera Akaso EK7000 Pro has a rear touch screen of 2 inches that I find easy to use to select camera functions and play video.

The connectivity is through micro USB and micro HDMI ports, as well as through WiFi. As expected, Akaso has an application that can link to the camera and that allows you to control the camera, as well as play and share content and update the camera software.

You can also use it to download 1080P content directly from the camera; otherwise, you must remove the SD card to transfer images and videos to an external device.

excellent quality of action camera
Akaso action cameras pack the EK7000 model with all its accessories and parts, this is something that GoPro charges much more.

Design, usability and management

El design of the Akaso EK7000 es pretty generic. I use that word because another camera that I have tried (the Drograce WP350) It has the exact design with only small differences in the user interface. Another similar model, the CamPark Xtreme I +, has a slightly modified version of this design.

For example, the Akaso uses a red light at the top to indicate that the power is on and blinks slowly when recording; Drograce uses a blue light for the same function. Of course, all these cameras owe their design to GoPro.

All these cameras have four buttons who control their functions. The shutter button on top of the camera starts and stops recordings and it is used to take pictures. It also acts as the "enter" button while browsing the configuration.

On the front of the camera there is a mode button, which alternates between video, photo, burst, time lapse and settings. It also performs the function of a "back" button, as well as a power button to turn the camera on and off.

Finally, a set of buttons up and down is used to scroll through the options in the configuration. When the camera is in photo or video mode, it will open the gallery function with two options, one with photos and the other with videos.

On the back of the camera there is a built-in screen, but it looks like previous generations of GoPro that were not able to play.

Excellent video quality at the best price

With the Action cameras GoPro and Sony leaders in quality and innovation, both have a slightly higher price between $ 200 and $ 400.

El Maybe EKNUMX The Center It costs approximately one sixth of the priceor in some cases, does a decent job with the video, as long as it reduces expectations.

The golden sunset against the side of the pool really appeared on the frame, but even moving the camera slowly made the tiles on the side of the pool vanish in sharpness.

When used with your waterproof housing, the audio quality of the Akaso (as well as the Drograce and the Campark) were silenced and confused, even when speaking directly to the camera. If you do not plan to wet the camera, you can use the frame-only accessory that is hooked around the camera

bargain in camera
In general, the video filmed at Akaso was quite good, unless there was a lot of movement, which made the images quite unstable.

CAction camera at the best price

Having recently purchased a GoPro Hero 5 Black, I have become accustomed to the functionality of its touch screen, although the GoPros of the previous generation used an interface and a Similar button settings to the Akaso.

Because the camera requires a waterproof case, I had to push down to ensure that the pressed button registered my intended action.

However, the camera comes with a Wi-Fi remote control that can be enabled in the configuration quite easily, and that seems to be paired natively. Once enabled, the two-button remote control can start and stop the video, as well as take still photos.

Conveniently, the camera automatically switches the camera to video modes when the alternative button is pressed.

Therefore, in the package with the camera there is a remote control that can be connected to your bars or any other place, allowing you to start and stop the camera without starting and stopping the trip.