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Cycling Offers

Selection in cycling jackets with the best offers

18 May 2019

The cycling jackets can cost you some money, this publication aims to take into account the relevant factors to choose the best cycling jacket at the best price.

Some cycling jackets that come next its technical name is, Northwave Blade 3 Total Protection Castelli Element Gore Wear Women's C3 Gore-Tex® Active Height Nightvision Thunderstorm Gore Wear C7 Gore-Tex® Active Castelli Alpha Ros, all currently have discount offered by Chain Reaction Cycles, even more a return guarantee.

The type of fabric for a cycling jacket?

The fabric is the most important aspect in cycling jackets raincoat. Keep in mind that it is easy to make a waterproof fabric; For example, a garbage bag is waterproof.

However, you do not want to carry a garbage bag! Apart from the fact that he would not look good and have no sleeves, he does not breathe either.

The right aspect of the excellent cycling jackets it is this: they prevent the rain from entering, while the water vapor produced by the sweat comes out. This means that they are breathable and waterproof.

This is a fairly sophisticated technology, if you think about it, because rain and sweat are almost the same: water variations (H2O). Fabric manufacturers do this by putting small pores in the fabric.

Water vapor can pass out of them, because water vapor molecules are not linked together, so small individual molecules can pass through small pores.

However, the water molecules are attached and, therefore, are larger and can not enter.

Gore-Tex technology for cycling jackets

The WL Gore Corporation pioneered the breathable and waterproof technology for outerwear at 1978, when they invented their lamination technology.

They called their revolutionary New Gore-Tex fabric. Since then, many other brands have reached the market, such as Event, Polartec and many others, but Gore-Tex is like Hoover.

Gore-Tex is so associated with the brand that many people refer to the whole category of breathable and waterproof as Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is still a great product, but it is no longer the only company that makes a great breathable and waterproof clothing.

The GORE-TEX® fabrics they are nylon and polyester fabrics, laminated with a GORE-TEX® membrane. They come in a variety of grades, including GORE-TEX® Pro, GORE-TEX® Active and regular GORE-TEX®.

Active Shell is a new Gore-Tex membrane, designed to be very breathable, waterproof, windproof and lightweight.

The company also offers a soft cover fabric and a super lightweight fabric called Paclite®, its Paclite jacket is the best lightweight waterproof cycling jacket I've tried, but it's not very breathable.

Selection of cycling jackets

Castelli Element

The construction is really excellent elastic panels Plisse can be found on the sides, elbows and wrists to provide total freedom of movement without losing those essential aero gains to maintain the haste you are looking for on the road.

Cycling jackets
On the back, you'll find three pockets with reflective reinforcement to help keep your visibility high.

Gore Wear Women’s C3 Gore-Tex® Active

La Guaranteed waterproofing and the incredible breathability, Gore-Tex® C3 active jacket for women from Gore will keep you perfectly dry and comfortable even in the worst downpours.

La Active construction of Gore-Tex® it prevents wind and water from entering, while at the same time allowing any perspiration you accumulate to escape easily.

The result is a full protection against the cold of the wind and a comfortable interior temperature, regardless of the temperature that comes your way.

offer in cycling jackets
The fabric is also light so you do not feel overwhelmed by the jacket.

Nightvision Thunderstorm Height

During heavy rain cycling jackets like Vision Thunderstorm is designed to keep rain out, it is completely waterproof and highly breathable.

offer in cycling jackets
There is a removable hood to add additional protection in the worst conditions, it is also easily removed.

Gore Wear C7 Gore-Tex®

The cycling jackets Gore-Tex is performance oriented, offers optimal stroke adjustment and complete protection against moisture.

When you fight against wind and rain, the Gore-Tex® active jacket Not only is he more than capable of keeping you completely dry, his incredible breathability ensures that you stay free of sweat even at the pace of the race.

The performance is not done at the expense of the weight, since the jacket is still incredibly light and easy to pack, perfect to fill in the pocket of a racing jersey.

Castles Alpha Ros

The Castelli Alpha Ros jacket is perfect for rain or sun and uses advanced Gore® Windstopper® 150 fabric. This layer of protection against wind and water is separated from the insulating layer, which ensures excellent ventilation and moisture control.

Thanks to the innovative sealing of shoulder seams, reduced seams and double stitching, the Alpha Ros provides effective protection against rain to keep it dry for the most part even on the wettest rides

Northwave Blade 3 Total Protection

The Blade 3 jacket provides protection intended to become a favorite of cyclists, this is thanks to its H20 Flex membrane, the cold winds are completely off the jacket with high levels of protection against rain.

Versatile performance is offered in three seasons and the jacket will form a fantastic centerpiece for your winter kit and layered system.

The construction of Biomap means that the seams and panels are all where they should be when you are in the driving position