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The innovative GPS Rider 15

15 May 2019

Are you looking for a new cycling GPS? Well here is your request. GPS Rider 15 it's the latest in technology, it's Bryton's new leader. Which has multiple functions for the cyclist's ease. All its characteristics have led many cyclists to take one with them.

Why buy a GPS Rider 15?

El GPS Rider 15 It is ideal to take it on the MTB (mountain bike - mountain bike-). Its price is quite tight, which allows accessibility for any user and cycling fan. In addition it is not only a GPS, it contains a system of 30 functions to satisfy the preferential need of all athletes. You can compare with the GPS Rider 530.

Features of the GPS Rider 15

GPS Rider 15

Technological advances have contributed to the comfort of the entire world. Increasingly, the modern era encounters devices as small as the GPS Rider 15 and with infinities of functions. Below are some of the features that make up this artifact, and are the following:


The GPS battery has a long activation time. It can last up to 16 hours without any interruption, since its battery is composed of 3,000 mAH. In this way the GPS can operate in extreme temperatures of -10 ° C until reaching the 50 ° C.

Smartphone functions

GPS Rider 15 It has telephone functions, with an official Bryton application. It serves to see the time, make calls, send SMS, receive email notifications, among others.


It has an 2 HTN LCD screen" that offers better visibility when applying the functions to measure: the speed, the distance traveled, the time (from the scheduled start to when the cyclist finishes).

In addition to the calories, altitude, GNSS receiver and logically, the GPS system that shows in real time the location of the cyclist. Trees, buildings or mountain routes are an impediment to the proper functioning of GPS. The screen is automatically backlit according to the longitude and latitude of the location before sunset.

El GPS Rider 15 allows you to change the data screen modification thanks to your application.

Guide for the route

It has two types of guide to the cyclist, the first is the compass mode, to point out to the player the place in the north. And the second guide is the map mode, which points the current direction of the competitor.

GNSS connection

It has already been mentioned that your receiver is GNSS, but it should be noted that it is the first GPS compatible with GNSS. This is a system connected to the main satellites of Russia, Europe, China and Japan. This allows it to show a very accurate position of the cyclist's location.

This system (GNSS), known as "global navigation satellite system" -siglas in English-. It is a system that is based on artificial satellites, which not only allows the GPS position but also other altitude data. Until now, GPS Rider 15 It is the only device that meets these advantages.

Price of the GPS Rider 15

Currently its price is stipulated in 69,95€ The pack includes the connection and charging cable, a belt to transport in a backpack, and the manual to learn how to use it. Additionally a support for simple bicycle (this SPORT support has a price of 29,95 €).

Technical description

GPS Rider 15 has proven to be the leader in the technological world of GPS. Its multiple functions let you see that there is none that exceeds it until now. And some of the reasons, are for their technical description, then they will be shown which are:

  • Global measurements of the device they are: 71 mm high, 46,2 mm wide, 16,5 mm deep and 52 grams of weight.
  • Battery It has a degree of IPX7 waterproofness with 16 hours of durability.
  • It has a built-in integrated barometer and shows relative altitude data for the current location.
  • It allows to observe the difference of altitude-temperature and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Has heart rate record. And it is equipped with Bluetooth. That is, it has many benefits in such a small device.

As you have observed, there are numerous reasons to buy a GPS Rider 15. Do not forget to buy one and place this fantastic GPS on your bicycle handlebar. All professional cyclists are updated because they have installed this system on their bike. And of course, you can not be the exception. Meet other offers in GPS that may also interest you