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What is the best Smartwatch?

18 July 2019
the best smartwatch

Over the years, SmartWatch it has become practically like computers dedicated to training, new specific functions for cycling are added every time.

Also its growing ready to fitness tracking capabilities, most have clearer screens for display maps, visualization spaces for data and values ​​associated with training.

However, there are several situations in which have a smartwatch with gps is a great advantage, a smart intelligence With race, swimming and cycling modes it facilitates the tracking of all your data in one place and reduces the clutter of the electronic devices of two devices.

If you just want to track your pace and travel distance, a clock or computer are equally useful.

However, if you want to incorporate all your daily metrics into your training, including the recovery of sleep And activity throughout the day, a smart watch has the advantage.

How to choose a Smartwatch?

It is important to look for a smarwatch that allows to synchronize the routes with Strava or another training program. The battery duration It is critical, not only the overall battery life of the watch, but specifically the battery life in GPS mode.

And while the heart rate Based on the wrist may not be as accurate as a chest band, it remains an important data point for calculating relative effort and calorie burning.

Have your computer on his wrist It also makes it easier to move between different bikes, and even track those small and small trips automatically

What are the best Smartwatch?

Garmin Forerunner 945

With the SmartWatch Forerunner 945 we get all the functions of the 935 along with others. In addition to Wifi, ANT + and Bluetooth connectivity, a lot of predefined activities and activities tracking functions, the 945 obtains a more accurate GPS when reading the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites, and adds navigation capabilities.

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On the training front, you get a pulse oximeter, Strava integration and live segments, and downloadable workouts so you can leave the computer of your bike at home and record your training

Polar Vantage M

It weighs only 44 grams, being one of the Lighter smartwatches with all the functions available, its most important functions are optical heart rate sensors, activity tracking, Bluetooth sensor support, multi-sport mode and swimming metrics, and GPS.

Of particular interest to cyclists, the optical frequency sensor cardiac Vantage M incorporates a contact sensor with the skin to mitigate inaccurate measurements, although representatives of Polar say that the chest strap still provides the most accurate information on heart rate.

Smart phone notifications are supposed to come in a firmware update at the beginning of 2019.

Garmin Fenix ​​5x plus

This Smartwatch It has the same characteristics as the Forerunner 945, it also has a best battery that Garmin claims will last up to 20 days in smart watch mode and up to 13 hours when using GPS.

It is packed with features for elite and recreational cyclists, and for all who love tracking statistics.

You also get a pulse oximeter and sleep tracking functions

Apple Watch series 4

It is one of the best versions offered by the Apple Watch, is the best of its kind to date, some additional key features is that the battery duration It is totally comparative.

There is even a new security function that can detect a shock and notify the emergency services, if it does not receive a timely response from the user.

This adds to all the features that make the Apple Watch an excellent smart watch in general, which includes general and social functions and the ability to receive and respond to text messages and emails.

Fitbit Ionic

El SmartWatch Fitbit has integrated gps, it also allows you to download your favorite Pandora tracks; custom workouts, health record, contactless payments, multi-sports, call notifications and text messages.

Automatic exercise recognition and automatic start / stop functions mean you can go out the door for a walk without having to remember to press the buttons and change modes.

Garmin 235

The Garmin watch has most of the features you need, starting from heart rate monitoring, audio indications, sleep tracking, social networks and fairly accurate GPS data. If you do not care about those additional features (such as live segments or power meter data)

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The Garmin 235 is probably all you need for most trips, at a very low price, in GPS mode, it has a long battery life of up to 16 hours.


This watch remains as a great SmartWatch because you can have up to 25 hours in performance mode and up to 120 hours in ultra mode, you get notifications about the useful life of the battery.

Its optical sensors read the heart rate and can be connected by a heart rate strap.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Like the Apple Watch, this is a powerful smart intelligence at a reasonable price that is worth looking at carefully.

It comes preloaded with 45 sports profiles to record workouts, and activity tracking functions keep track not only of your workouts, but also of your daily movements, calories burned and sleep patterns.

Naturally, you can use Samsung Pay, and the watch has wireless connectivity for data access when you disconnect from your phone, including streaming music through your Spotify account.