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The best current cycling shoes

17 septiembre, 2020
Las mejores zapatilla de ciclismo 2020

Perhaps one of the most important objectives of the athlete is to get the best cycling shoes, it is the key point of contact between the bicycle and the feet, since 1970 some companies such as Look and Cinelli created the first pedals for road bikes.

The main point was that the shoes were hooked without the need for the clip, today it is totally different, the studies of the big cycling brands have improved the pedaling efficiency due to the rigid carbon soles.


    How to choose the best cycling shoes?

    Getting the best cycling shoes can be a difficult process, but if done correctly it can have great benefits for your performance.

    The best cycling shoes are designed to be light and stiff for efficient pedaling, often with mesh panels to keep your feet cool in the summer and with a sole designed to be compatible with a clipless pedal cleat.

    A small metal or plastic cleat is attached to the sole of the shoe with two, three or four screws and engages with the specific pedal when you step on it. This allows you to better transfer power and keeps your foot in the optimal position in terms of ergonomics.

    Las mejores zapatillas de ciclismo para 2020

    Selection of the best current cycling shoes

    Giro Empire SLX

    They rank among one of the best cycling shoes because they are constructed with a one-piece Teijin Evofibre SL microfiber upper with a breathable mesh lining attached to the interior.

    This, along with plenty of perforations, ensures that they keep your feet as cool as possible when riding in the heat.

    Las mejores zapatillas de ciclismo
    Microfiber athletic shoelaces are designed to stay tied, keep a knot, be lightweight and durable

    Fizik R1 Infinit

    Many of the best cycling shoes use a thicker inner lining or padding to strain their comfort, but Fi’zi: k produced one of the best road bike shoes by working to improve the overall fit.

    zapatillas ciclismo fizik r1 1
    It fits somewhat like a second mask, which means it requires less padding and improves performance.

    Sidi Shot

    The best Sidi Shot cycling shoes are the newest premium offering from the Italian shoe manufacturer and feature a new closure system that provides a small improvement in comfort over the Wire Air models.

    sidi shot
    The big change from Wire’s previous model is the relocation of Sidi’s proprietary Techno-3 Push dials from the side of the shoe to the tongue, and they have also removed the strap over the top of the foot.

    Specialized S-Works 7

    For the S-Works 7, Specialized relaxed the external PadLock heel taper so it didn’t get as radically tight as before.Meanwhile, a new Dyneema mesh material still limits the stretch around the ankle, but now gives a bit along the foot.

    s works specialized 7 2
    And while the forefoot area was already spacious enough, the new shoes feature more vertical sides and just one track more room around the big toe.

    Shimano S-Phyre RC9

    The Teijin Avail microfiber upper is one-piece, flexible and strong, with a wrap-around style and comfortable padding around the ankle.

    S Phyre Pedals ciclismo 1
    The externally reinforced heel cup extends under the shoe and attaches directly to the sole for added stability, and its fabric lining with cat tongue prevents heel slippage.

    Sidi Wire 2

    The Sidi Wire is listed as one of the best cycling shoes due to its perforations in the upper part, the carbon sole also has some generous vents, the closure system has been refined.

    zapatillas sidi wire 1
    There are no Boa dials here, these are Sidi’s own Techno dials that were first introduced in 1988.

    Ballista Bontrager

    Their sleek and streamlined design allows them to be classified as a top-of-the-range shoe, the Ballistas focus on being lightweight rather than ultra-rigid.

    Oferta zapatillas de ciclismo Bontrager
    With a 12/14 rating on the Bontrager stiffness guide, the sacrifice of superior stiffness is offset by a weight savings of around 50g.