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DT Swiss 1200 Spline renews its range and bet everything to win

13 August 2019
DT Swiss 1200 Spline

The range DT Swiss 1200 Spline expands with new wheel models for XC, all-mountain and enduro. If you are a professional cyclist in any of these modalities then you will be interested to know the benefits of this new range. Explore with us the characteristics of these 3 new wheelsets that will take you to the top.

DT Swiss 1200 Spline

Highlights of the DT Swiss 1200 Spline range

A characteristic aspect of this range of wheels is that they all use carbon wheels. They are manufactured under already explored technologies that transform the material so that they withstand the use for which they were intended. Although all of them are made of carbon rims, each model has a specific design. Each model has different measures and shapes, are among the best 2019 wheels.

The range has the particularity of using the bushings that characterize this Swiss brand. These are the 180 Straight-Pull hubs, used in most models for their excellent performance. The new models bring a novelty, it has to do with the premiere of the new Ratchet EXP system.

DT Swiss 1200 Spline

On the other hand, the new models also have new, much lighter ceramic bearings. Another feature that is part of the new models is that all have a Center Lock anchor for the discs. They even have adapter for 6 screws, it is certainly a range of high performance.

The DT Swiss 1200 Spline They will be the protagonists in the great variety of 2020 mountain bike models. The reason is that this Swiss firm has become one of the first elections in series assemblies. The three renewed models are: The DT swiss xrc 1200 for XC, the DT swiss xmc 1200 spline for all-mountain. Finally, the EXC 1200 Spline for enduro.

Renewed features

For these new renovated models, the radios have been carefully chosen so that they are as light as possible. For this, DT Aerolite and DT Aero Comp have been used, which use a reduced and lightweight structural function. This feature is especially important as carbon wheels tend to be stiffer than aluminum wheels.

The new range DT Swiss 1200 Spline It has another unique aspect, the use of completely redesigned tubeless valves. These valves have a plug that has the appropriate shape to be used as a tool to disassemble the shell. The same piece is capable of fulfilling two functions, a very practical solution for the cyclist.

An additional feature of these valves is their manufacturing material, in these new models aluminum were used. By using aluminum valves, the weight has been reduced by 40% compared to previous models. Another change has to do with the thread to fix it which is now conical. This guarantees proper placement and optimal use.

In general these are the common characteristics among the new range DT Swiss 1200 Spline. So far we have analyzed the aspects shared by the new models, but each of them has its own characteristics. Recall that each model is intended for a different modality and have different properties to adapt to each modality.

The new wheel models of the DT Swiss range

The Swiss firm has bet everything to win with its new wheels, let's see that it gives them so much confidence. Let's analyze its characteristics and see if its quality / price ratio is good enough for us to bet on them. Let's see in detail the measures offered by each wheel model of the DT Swiss 1200 Spline according to each modality.

The new DT Swiss XRC 1200 Spline ideal for Cross Country

This tire set is specifically designed for XC and only available for 29. ” This model comes in two different versions, one version with an internal width of 25mm and the other of 30mm. In addition to the measurement of both versions, the weight differs.

DT swiss xrc 1200 25mm They have a weight of 650g on the front wheel and 762g on the rear. Overall, the weight of the pair of 25mm wheels is 1.412 grams. This game has a modest price of approximately € 2.198.

The DT swiss xrc 1200 30mm have a weight on the front wheel of 684g and on the rear 796g. Together the weight of the pair of wheels dt swiss xc 1200 It is 1480 grams. Fortunately they have the same price as those of 25mm so you will find them for approximately € 2.198.

The new DT Swiss XMC 1200 Spline ideal for All Mountain

In the case of the DT Swiss XMC 1200 Spline they are available in two versions. One of the versions is 27,5 ”with an internal width of 30mm. The set of tires of 27,5 ”and has a weight of 1.435 the pair. You can get the DT Swiss 1200 Spline for All Mountain for € 2.198 approximately.

In the case of the DT Swiss XMC 1200 Spline from 29 ”they also have an internal width of 30mm. The weight of this version is 1.529 grams per pair and its price is approximately € 2.198. Both versions are able to withstand the violent descents of the All Mountain. The secret is based on the manufacturing material, carbon is capable of withstanding greater impacts.

The new DT Swiss EXC 1200 Spline for Enduro

This model, like the previous ones, comes in two versions. A version for 27,5 wheels with a width of 35mm and the other for 29 ”with width of 30mm. In the case of the wheelset DT Swiss 1200 Spline of 27,5 ″ for EXC have a weight of 1659g. Again this wheelset you can get it in 2.198 € approximately.

With reference to the DT Swiss EXC 1200 Spline wheelset from 29 ″ this has a weight of 1670g. And with respect to the price, the € 2.198 is repeated again approximately. This model is ideal for Enduro due to its high resistance against shocks. The brand claims that the new wheel line DT Swiss 1200 Spline increase the speed of the biker by 8%. This level of increase is measured in comparison to aluminum wheels. The reduction in weight is what allows acceleration to improve in this case. No doubt a good aspect to consider when deciding to buy a game of this new range.