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Val di Sole 2019 Cup: meet the winning 5 mtb

10 August 2019

This year the copa Val di Sole It was marked by large ups and downs quite technical with pronounced rock gardens. In this 2019, the leading role was the double mountain bikes, which stood out for being faster. Many bikers chose the rigid ones to compete, but could not beat the doubles. Let's see more details.

The fastest 5 MTB

In a competition as important as the copa Val di Sole It is essential to make a good mountain bike choice. The right bike can mark your position within the competition. In this competition it was especially important because the Short Track was marked by rain. Let's meet the best 5 of Val di Sole 2019 World Cup.

1. Canyon Lux CF

copa Val di Sole

In India there is copa Val di Sole, Van der Poel finally managed to release his European Champion jersey. In addition, it was a luxury to also release its Canyon Lux CF customized with European colors. When appearing in this competition Mathieu Van der Poel left speechless those who bet on Schurter and Flueckiger.

The Lux CF is the lightest double suspension bike in the Canyon mountain bike range. It has an ultralight frame of only 2kg including the shock absorber, it has the particular components of the top-of-the-range models. In addition, it is manufactured with cutting-edge technology, the ideal bicycle for competition.

On the other hand, this model has enough space for marathon runners to carry two large drums. The Lux CF is a fast model, without compromise, with experience in the world championship and thirsty for victory. The success of Van der Poel in the copa Val di Sole It is due to your choice of mountain bike.

2. Scott Spark

copa Val di Sole

This competition was the stage for world champion Nino Schurter to premiere his Scott Spark. Throughout the race he was among the first three, although it cost him to earn a place on the podium. In the climbs it was one of those that mainly yielded in the copa Val di Sole.

On his last lap he redoubled his efforts, but it was not enough. He only managed to play second place with Flueckiger. However, the development of Schurter has managed to place the Scott Spark on the summit. This not only happened in Val di Sole, I also stand out with her during the last Lenzerheide World Cup.

This top-of-the-range bike has an ultralight frame of 1779 grams of pure carbon. The Scott Spark 2019 RC 900 SL used by Nino is the lightest bike in the entire Spark range. Another point in favor is that it has a lower price compared to its predecessor, but with superior performance. The development of Nino in the copa Val di Sole It is proof of that.

3. Thomüs Lightrider

copa Val di Sole

For Swiss cyclists it was essential to be on the podium of the Val di Sole mtb 2019 world cup. After all, they were playing the place for their team to enter the next World Cup. Mathias Flueckiger has had a great performance this season in which he has always competed with the Thomüs Lightrider. Together with her, she has been able to measure up.

The Thomüs Lightrider CT TRAIL XTR DI2 is a double suspension mountain bike with excellent performance to compete. This bike weighs about 10,2kg approximately and is a true work of art. Outside of Switzerland it is not well known, but that changed after winning the Swiss championship with her.

In addition, we have had the opportunity to see this bike in detail in the copa Val di Sole. This season the Thomüs Elite UCI RNS Racing Team has competed with it. Mathias Flueckiger has shown us the capabilities that this bike has to sneak into the top positions of the competition.

4. Cannondale Scalpel


Another that I figure in the copa Val di Sole This season was the Brazilian Henrique Avancini. This bikers has gained the affection of the public by putting heart to the race from the first moment. With the Cannondale Scalpel Si Avancini recently won the XCO and XCM National Championship. I rightly bet on her for the Val di Sole and I hope it does not go wrong.

This bike has a totally innovative system with intelligent cable management. It has integrated DI2 battery case and XC Geometry at the last minute. Its modern geometry allows your back to lean keeping your arms relaxed for better shock absorption. At the same time it maintains the ideal angle for hard ascents.

Perhaps what most caught Avancini's attention on this spectacular mountain bike was its ultralight carbon bike. Or they could be convinced by their super rigid pivot axes, we don't know well. But his good choice led him to occupy a position among the best 5 in the copa Val di Sole.

5. Olympia F1X Race


This year Luca Braidot is having a discreet passage through the world cup. However, in the Val di Sole 2019 He managed to be on the podium showing his spectacular Italian mountain bike. We cannot lose sight of this bikers since it usually gives surprises at the end of the season. You just have to keep an eye on last season and we'll know what to expect from him.

Braidot bet on the updated version of the top of Olympia range for the copa Val di Sole. The F1X Race has the latest generation fibers in its monocoque frame. It has an asymmetric 148mm rear carriage with a less turning point that gives it greater lightness and receptivity. It has integrated central suspension of the progressive control type.

Its wiring and telescopic seat locking systems that work from the handlebar are also integrated. On the other hand, the seat post is inclined at an angle of 74º. This feature is especially important for higher performance on steep climbs. No wonder Luca Braidot did not hesitate to use it.